What is Tembo?

Tembo is a free and open-source WordPress plugin that lets you create your own web-enabled relational database applications. With a simple drag-and-drop interface you can create forms, queries and reports on multiple related tables.

Tembo leverages the mySQL database that lives quietly behind every WordPress site. This makes it easy to integrate your project with the rest of your WordPress site.

We plan to offer Tembo for early downloads in spring of 2021.

Some of the cool features planned for Tembo:

  • You can convert a Tembo application into a more specialized WordPress plugin of its own. For example, if you use Tembo to create an application that collects genealogical data for a family tree, you could spin off your application as a genealogical WordPress plugin for others to use.
  • Tembo will support new web monetization protocols, so you can earn money for your content.
  • Your data lives on your own web host, not on a third-party server. This may be of interest to those who need to be extra mindful about security.

If you’re interested in the ongoing development of an open source WordPress plugin, or if you’re curious about how web monetization projects are shaping up, please browse through the Journal.

If you’re a WordPress developer and you might like to contribute to the Tembo project, please have a look at our Developer page.