What will Tembo do?

Just completed the first draft of the “Functional Design” document for Tembo. Two important lessons from this document:

  1. This is going to be a really cool piece of software.
  2. We must be crazy. This is going to take a bit of a moon launch to complete.

Have a look at the functional design document and see if you agree! Questions and suggestions on this draft are *much* appreciated, whether on the github site, as comments to this post, or through the “contact” page of this iste.

Why “really cool?” Here’s an example. My friend Hilary and her husband are in a croquet club; they play croquet matches and tournaments most sunny weekends (yes even restarted in covid!). I said: “With Tembo, you could create an application to track the players, the matches, the outcomes, and so on. It would be on the web so everyone in the club could see it. You could choose which members get to update the data. And you could create in an hour.”

(If you’re wondering “How is this different from Google sheets?” – there’s a post coming that explains the differences. Trust me, we’re not trying to reinvent Google.)

Why “moon launch”? It’s a piece of work to build a solid database application for the web; here we’re trying to build an application that builds applications. The first release must work, and it must have enough features to make it worth using – right from version 1.1.

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